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House of Cards

House of Cards
  • Bewertung: 9,00
  • Jahr der Ersterscheinung: 2013
  • Genres: Drama
  • Länder: United States
  • Dauer: 51 Minuten
  • Komplexität: 9

Frank Underwood ist ein machthungriger Kongressabgeordneter und hilft Garrett Walker, Präsident der vereinigten Staaten zu werden. Er verspricht sich davon, selbst zum Staatssekretär gemacht zu werden. Doch sein Plan geht nicht auf und er beschließt, nun Walkers Präsidentschaft an sich reißen zu wollen.

  • As Congress debates investigating Frank, he and Claire attempt to stoke fear of terrorism. Tom Yates continues his stay in the White House.
  • Frank and his team work to leverage support in key states by any means necessary. Claire learns some upsetting news about one of Frank's friends.
  • The day before the election, Conway holds a 24-hour Skype session with voters, while Frank and Claire stump in key states and try to discredit him.
  • With a tight race and low voter turnout on Election Day, things look grim for Frank. But he's still got one more trick up his sleeve.
  • Nine weeks after Election Day, the Underwoods work to consolidate their power. Leann tries to track down a missing Aidan Macallan.
  • In the midst of uncertainty, suspected Russian forces take over an American station in Antarctica. Meanwhile, a damaging news leak could hurt Frank.
  • When a crisis forces White House personnel to take shelter in a bunker, Commerce Department official Jane Davis negotiates through back channels.
  • While Frank attends an elite men's weekend gathering to firm up support, Claire deals with a stranded Russian ship and threats from Petrov.
  • Petrov tries to influence affairs in the U.S. Jane discusses her agenda with Claire. With her job at stake, Leann reaches out to a reporter for help.
  • The Underwoods and their team angle to undermine the revived committee investigating Frank. Hammerschmidt's investigation heats up.
  • As the team tries to control fallout from damaging testimony and leaks, everyone is under suspicion and tensions flare between Frank and Claire.
  • Frank attempts to stop Cathy from testifying. With Hammerschmidt sniffing out the truth, the Underwoods throw someone close to them under the bus.
  • In the wake of a surprising announcement, everything at the White House is shaken up. A decision must be made about whether to go to war.

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  • 12.12.2019 14:59
    En algunos videos en los subtitulos de español no se muestran al mismo tiempo junto con las conversaciones y los subtitulos en español salentarde
  • 28.11.2018 12:57
    the film is perfect for me
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