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  • calificación: 8,00
  • año de publicación: 2019
  • Géneros : Crime, Drama
  • Países: United States
  • Duración: 60 minutos

La historia de origen del legendario mayordomo de Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, un ex soldado de SAS británico quien hace parte de una compañía de seguridad y se va a trabajar con Thomas Wayne, el padre billonario de Bruce en 1960 en Londres

  • Just out of the English air service, Alfred Pennyworth finds himself at loose ends and endeavors to start a security company.
  • Alfred turns down an offer from billionaire businessman Bruce Wayne and instead accepts an assignment that puts him in the crosshairs of one of the East End's most dastardly figures.
  • Alfred accepts an assignment from photojournalist Martha Kane that turns increasingly dangerous.
  • Alfred and Martha Kane take a train ride into the countryside on an assignment, while tragedy strikes in London.
  • John Ripper presents Alfred with an offer. Lord Harwood's fate takes a curious turn.
  • Martha and Patricia Wayne attend a debauched party with famed magician Aleister Crowley.
  • While Martha and Thomas confront Crowley over his strange party and the return of Patricia, Alfred and the lads track down the identity of a wanted killer.
  • While Lord Harwood returns to take control of the Raven Society, Alfred, Dave Boy and Bazza form an unlikely alliance with the Sykes Sisters.
  • Alfred, Thomas and Martha become entangled in an assassination plot against Lord Harwood.
  • After a member of the British royalty is abducted, Alfred must take a side in the struggle. Meanwhile, Lord Harwood uses those closest to Alfred to remove him from the game.

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