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The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair
  • calificación: 8,00
  • año de publicación: 2018
  • Géneros : Drama
  • Países: United States
  • Duración: 42 minutos

Un escritor es atrapado en un asesinato en investigación involucrando a su mentor, un estimado autor americano. Basado en el libro del mismo nombre, por Joel Dicker

  • Marcus begins his investigation into Harry's involvement in the Nola Kellergan murder, while receiving threats from an unknown source.
  • In 1975, a conflicted Harry attempts to distance himself from Nola. In 2008, more evidence emerges that appears to connect Harry to Nola's remains.
  • As Marcus follows a lead linking Nola to a wealthy and influential member of the community, more details regarding Nola's tragic home life are revealed.
  • Marcus explores the link between Nola and Elijah Stern. Harry reflects on an arguably ill advised trip away with Nola.
  • Marcus and Perry receive testimony that casts Nola in a new light, leading to an explosive reaction from Harry.
  • The anonymous threats against Marcus continue as a hacker gains access to his manuscript, along with every detail of his investigation.
  • Marcus's book is discredited when new facts about Nola's past are revealed. Gahalowood accompanies Marcus to Alabama on another lead.
  • Disturbing revelations regarding Nola's upbringing lead Marcus to reevaluate the chain of events that lead to her murder in 1975.
  • With Harry fleeing to Canada for reasons unknown, and the range of suspects shifting once again, what surprises lurk in the mystery's final chapter?

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