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  • Évaluation: 7,30
  • Année d'émission: 2012
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama
  • Pays: United States
  • Durée: 30 minutes
  • Complexité: 9

Un groupe des filles ayant la vingtaine font face aux bonnes et mauvaises surprises que la vie leur réserve. Malgré toutes les difficultés les amies ne perdent pas leurs cœurs et essayent de créer ou trouver des moments heureux et profitent de la vie.

  • Hannah moves to Iowa, where cheaper rent rates and the seemingly trusting nature of the locals impress her. She struggles to settle in amongst her Grad school classmates, who find her fiction work offensive and poorly written. Elijah surprises her with a visit as he has started to find New York grotesque.
  • Jessa and Adam become AA pals and Jessa gets into trouble with NYPD. Seems unlikely that Hannah long distance relationship stands a chance. Marnie is hitting the wall in her personal life but her singing career seems to finally going in a right direction.
  • Jessa gives her opinion on Marnie's new song. Shoshanna and Ray go shopping together. Desi gives Marnie news that makes her smile. Hannah writes an apology letter that doesn't go over well. Then she learns of the new things in Adam's life.
  • Hannah's friends try to help her through a crisis after she arrives back in the city and finds everyone has moved on with their lives while she was in Iowa. Hannah and Adam have an honest conversation about their relationship.
  • Adam's new girlfriend reveals a surprising revelation that can tear apart their relationship, while Hannah and Ray make big career decisions.
  • Hannah begins a new job and goes on a date with a co-worker. Mimi-Rose hosts an art show.
  • Hannah is confronted with a family dilemma; Marnie makes an announcement at Ray's campaign party.
  • Hannah, Adam and Jessa try to convince Caroline and Laird to forgo their planned home birth.

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