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Funny Face

Funny Face
  • 평점: 7.10
  • 발행 연도: 1957
  • 장르: Romance, Music, Comedy
  • 국가: United States
  • 기간: 103 분
  • 복잡성: 9

This film shows how celebrities grow from ordinary people. Dick noticed Joanna at her workplace, in a bookshop.He offers her a photo shoot for his journal agrees. They start shooting immediately.

댓글 2

  • 23.11.2020 08:13
    no se escucha la pelicula :c
  • 26.05.2020 04:32
    I love this movie, and its perfect for practice your english, however it doesn't have audio... the quality of the image is perfect but it doesn't sound
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