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Make It or Break It

Make It or Break It
  • Рейтинг: 7,50
  • Год выпуска: 2009
  • Жанры: Драма, Спорт
  • Страны: Соединенные штаты
  • Время: 45 минут

Follows a group of teen Olympic hopefuls as they train and prepare for their day in the spotlight.

  • Payson Keeler, Lauren Tanner, and Kaylie Cruz have been the top three for years at Rocky Mountain Gymnastic Training Center and are expected to compete at the Nationals in Boston. But then Emily Kmetko arrives and blows the tryouts away. Lauren begins to fear that Emily will knock one of them out of the top three, most likely, herself.
  • With Marty gone, The Rock begins to fall apart. Kaylie and Paysen decide to go to Denver and confront Marty and Lauren, both, for leaving. Emily and Becca decide to go with them.
  • After Marty quits, Steve Tanner has to find a new head coach. He contacts Marty's old friend and former opponent, Sasha Beloff. Unfortunetly, Sasha will only take the job if Steve puts Lauren back at The Rock. Meanwhile, Payson, Kaylie, and Emily have been under a lot of stress, getting ready for the Nationals. When they hear about a big party being planned for Saturday night, they decide to go to blow off steam.
  • Sasha, somehow, finds out that Payson, Kaylie, Emily, and Lauren all went to the big party on Saturday night. He calls the girls to The Rock for personal training and he pushes them harder than they ever have been. Throughout the day, Sasha begins to notice that they have personal issues with each other and helps them to work them out. Emily also has another problem: she was supposed to work a double at her job and is on the verge of getting fired if she doesn't make her evening shift. Carter feels guilty about cheating on Kaylie with Lauren and tries to find a way to…
  • With Kim Keeler as the new manager of The Rock, she and the other moms decide to have a mother/daughter fashion show to raise money so that the girls can go to the Nationals. The only one who isn't okay with it is Payson.
  • Sasha and Marty decide to have a competition between The Rock and Denver. Unfortunately, Kelly Parker, Payson's rival, has just joined Denver. Payson is determined to beat Kelly, so she trains harder than ever, which causes an old back wound to return.
  • Emily's slip up cost The Rock it's win over Denver. Furious with her for not following his orders, Sasha takes Emily out of the Nationals and kicks her out of The Rock. Now, Emily must prove to Sasha that he can trust her.
  • In order to break Kaylie and Carter up, Lauren sends pictures of them kissing to Kaylie's father.
  • Sasha suspends Carter from the Nationals for dating one of his female students, though he doesn't know which one. Kaylie decides to tell Sasha that it was her, but before she can, Carter tells her about his affair with Lauren.
  • The National tryouts are here! But the girls are still suffering with their issues, which could cost them their spots on the national team.
  • Payson tries to hide her feelings about never being able to do gymnastics again because of her injury. Kayle tries to manage the consequences of being the National Champion.
  • Marty has been chosen to coach the National team. But the girls don't approve. Especially Kayle, because of Marty's affair with her mom. The girls do their best to make Marty look bad. Sasha asks Payson if she would like to be the assistant coach.
  • Kayle gets invited to a party in California and decides to bring the girls with her. Payson gets in contact with the best doctor in California to recheck her injury and see for certain if she will never do gymnastics again.
  • Payson begins to adjust to high school life. Also, it's Open House at The Rock and, to make it fun, Sasha wants the students to perform the way that they love. He also decided to put the top two students, Kayle and Nicky, together for a routine.
  • Valentines Day!! A day of love. But not for Payson, who's beginning to find out that's she's hanging out with the wrong crowd at school. Emily hasn't heard from Damon in days and she's getting worried. Kaylie and Nicky get closer, emotionally, the more they train together. Also, Carter discovers that Chloe Kmetko and Steve Tanner are dating.
  • Payson invites the girls to her first high school prom. Lauren believes her dad got a new dress for her, but really Steve got it for Chloe to give to Emily. Damon tries all he can to heal his relationship with Emily. Also, Sasha has gotten hold of a surgeon in Europe who can help Payson, but her parents don't know what to tell her.
  • Kaylie, Emily, and Lauren didn't make it to the Nationals in London, but they still have a chance at Beijing. But will Kelly Parker ruin their chances? Meanwhile, Payson has mixed feelings about taking the surgery.
  • Payson's back! Sasha has invited China's National team to The Rock to prove who the real American gymnasts are. Also, because of Payson's medical bills, the Keller family is in danger of losing their house.
  • As the face-off between The Rock and China draws closer, pressure starts to build. Payson tries to help Emily overcome her fear of the Vault while Lauren and Kaylie are still having trust issues with each other.
  • The competition between The Rock and China has arrived.

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