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Оранжевый - хит сезона

Оранжевый - хит сезона
  • Рейтинг: 8,30
  • Год выпуска: 2013
  • Жанры: Криминальный, Комедия, Драма
  • Страны: Соединенные штаты
  • Время: 59 минут
  • Сложность: 9

Пайпер Чемпер - молодая женщина,  которая и не думала нарушать закон.  Из-за пособничества возлюбленной,  занимающейся сбытом наркотиков,  она была приговорена к заключению в тюрьме.  Находясь за решеткой, девушка открывает для себя новый мир.

  • Piper Chapman is sent to jail as a result of her relationship with a drug smuggler.
  • Piper realizes the politics of prison life first-hand when the kitchen staff refuses to feed her after she accidentally insults prison chef Galina “Red” Reznikov. While Piper scrambles to find a way to apologize, the reason for Red's incarceration is revealed.
  • An inmate named Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren has her sights set on Piper and makes her intentions apparent. Piper seeks advice on how to let Crazy Eyes down gently but finds that blunt honesty might be the only way. Meanwhile, we get to know a lot more about transgender inmate Sophia Burset.
  • Piper tries to remain on good terms with her no-nonsense roommate Miss Claudette Pelage. The upcoming release of an inmate named Mercy causes conflict between Mercy's new girlfriend Tricia Miller and her ex Carrie “Big Boo” Black. Piper's electrical engineering class faces serious punishment when a screwdriver goes missing.
  • While on the lawn one morning, Piper sees a chicken roosting nearby on the grass. When she tells other inmates about the odd sighting, Piper discovers that the chicken is actually a prison legend that several inmates have tried to catch for years. The complicated history between Aleida Diaz and her daughter Dayanara Diaz comes to light.
  • The inmates must campaign amongst their races for a coveted spot as a prisoners' representative. Piper steers clear of the bizarre political process but might not have a choice but to get involved. Larry's editor wants him to write an article about Piper's incarceration.
  • Former high school track star Janae Watson returns from solitary confinement. Piper wants to reopen the outdoor track but Healy forces her to fulfill several potentially dangerous tasks before he will consider it. Alex's teasing of a religious fanatic named Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett sparks a rivalry.
  • Officer Mendez begins harassing Red when she refuses to help him continue smuggling drugs into the prison. Larry publishes his article about Piper in the New York Times, which turns her into a person of interest for inmates and corrections officers alike. Piper's best friend Polly has her baby at the same time that a baby is born to an inmate in Piper's cell block.
  • Piper is in high spirits when she makes peace with Alex and awaits a visit from Larry on Thanksgiving. However, Healy's true colors come out when he throws Piper in solitary confinement for dancing with Alex. The frightening experience of solitary forces Piper to take a serious look at her life and come to several conclusions about the future.
  • Pennsatucky flaunts her new healing hands that Jesus has supposedly given her. The prison brings in a group of teenage troublemakers so that the inmates can scare them straight. Tricia returns from detox to find she has lost her position on the kitchen staff and must still deal with Mendez breathing down her neck for her drug debts.
  • Grief looms over the prison as the inmates mourn a recent suicide. Dayanara, Nicky, and Red plot to end Mendez's career by tricking him into revealing his indiscretions. Larry gives a radio interview about Piper's experience in prison and his comments cause conflict with some of Piper's closest allies.
  • The second season starts off with Piper in solitary confinement (the shoe). She has obviously been there for some time because her sanity seems to be failing. Instead of eating her breakfast she, uses it to make art all over the wall of her cell. Piper must make an extremely difficult decision which could affect the outcome of her stay in prison.
  • A job fair arrives at the prison and Taystee decides to take the chance and try to win it and at the same time we also see her past life. Pennsatucky leaves the chute and Healy and Pennsatucky have an argument with each other on what happened on the events of the season finale. And we see that after Red burned Gina on accident, she must deal being alone with hope of getting new friends.
  • After Piper returns back to the prison, she meets a new inmate named Soso, which has many problems which Piper helps her out with. And after Vee returns to prison she is not welcomed at first but is soon gaining her place back on top with the help of Crazy eyes. Lastly we see that Morello is now single due to her boyfriend breaking up with her and now marrying a new girl, also problems with Diaz and John arise, and Larry gets a new date.
  • When Poussey creates a peeing device to help a female pee, the girls all have questions on how the female vagina works, in which Sophia helps them out. Morello goes on a stroll to her ex-boyfriends house and we discover that she may be a bit crazy, and at the same time Miss Rosa meets a boy. Piper is sent to bunk with Red, and Red looking for control finds a greenhouse and wants to make that a new activity. And when Piper finds all her stuff laying around since she was gone, she finds her blanket to be in the hands of Big Boo and in order for her to get it back, she …
  • Gloria and Vee have a duel against each other, involving all the girls. We see that Gloria committed fraud to come to prison and has an abusive boyfriend. Piper gets a visit from her family to receive bad news that her grandma is dying so she wants to pay a visit to her. Healy has a bad date and decides to go to the bar, and to his surprise he discovers Joe to be their and starts a new friendship with him.
  • Love is in the air as the inmates prepare for a Valentine's Day party; Red makes an intriguing new discovery. Larry asks Piper to be his prison mole.
  • Vee starts her inmate run business, Black Cindy is having issues , Bennett gets blackmailed, and Piper begins her newspaper club.
  • Piper faces a new backlash over special privileges; Capulo feels pressure to toughen up, resulting in administrative changes.
  • When Piper finally leaves the prison from her furlough agreement, she has issues with her family, and at the same time Pornstache is back and makes the prison a ‘hellhole’
  • The prison guards finally crack down on the inmates to stop the smuggling issue. After Bennett framed Pornstache, problems arise. And a big secret between Piper and Polly is revealed.
  • Piper is shocked at an unexpected change in her status; Soso's hunger strike attracts new support that takes on a religious fervour.
  • Tensions run high as a prison power outage forces several issues to come to light; Piper finds herself compromised and is forced to think on her feet.
  • Several futures hang in the balance as the inmates face and confront their worst nightmares; Life will never be the same again.

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