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Call The Midwife

Call The Midwife
  • Değerlendirme: 8,40
  • Veriliş tarihi: 2012
  • Türler: Drama
  • Ülkeler: United Kingdom
  • Süre: 60 dakikalar

The lives of a group of midwives living in East London in the late 1950s.

  • Nurse Jenny Lee arrives at Nonnatus House in London's East End to begin her work as a midwife. Naive and unused to the harsh conditions of the borough, she must rise above her misgivings if she is to succeed in her new role.
  • A new midwife, Chummy Browne, arrives at Nonnatus House, and finds it difficult to prove herself. Meanwhile, Jenny befriends a young Irish prostitute who is expecting a baby, and is shocked by the Church's treatment of the girl.
  • Jenny befriends an old soldier named Joe, and is disturbed by his living conditions. She is also visited by a man from her past, while Trixie and Cynthia have a sensitive case to deal with, and Chummy is asked on a date.
  • A new baby is snatched from her pram, sparking an area wide search. Jenny is more familiar with the kidnapper than she realizes, Cynthia blames herself when a patient becomes gravely ill, and Chummy's romance continues.
  • A figure from Jenny's past makes contact, while Jimmy continues to pursue her. Chummy prepares for an important meeting, and everyone at Nonnatus House rallies round the building's cleaner, Peggy, whose brother is very ill.
  • Jenny speaks to her ex-lover again, while Sister Monica Joan lands herself in trouble with the police. Chummy receives a visit from her snobbish, imperious mother which forces her to reconsider her relationship with Peter.
  • Jenny tries to help a battered wife, Doctor Turner finds himself overcome with requests for nitrous oxide from pregnant women throughout Poplar, while Trixie and Sister Evangelia help deliver a baby in very unsavory circumstances.
  • Chummy makes an important decision, Jenny reconnects with Jimmy, and Cynthia's conduct is called into question after the death of a baby she delivered.
  • Hesitant nursing assistant Jane Sutton arrives at the convent as Jenny is seconded to hospital work,meeting Jimmy,who,to her surprise,is one of the patients. Arrogant surgeon Aubrey Tracy misdiagnoses Jimmy and an operation is required,where Jenny acquits herself well. She also sees that Tracy is himself ill and he resigns. Meanwhile aggressive twins Meg and Mave Carter - both married to the hen-pecked Sid - arrive at the clinic as Mave is pregnant. However they eschew modern medicine for old herbal remedies and,following a bleak tarot card reading,the over-bearing …
  • A friend of Chummy's, Reverend Applebee-Thornton, comes to stay at Nonnatus House and soon gets on everyone's nerves. Meanwhile, Jenny and Sister Evangelina deliver a baby with spina bifida, and Sister Bernadette plays matchmaker.
  • Nonnatus House prepares for the annual summer fête, but when a baby show is announced, the girls must find a host for the proceedings. Meanwhile, a patient of Jenny's puts her life at risk, and Sister Bernadette remains troubled.
  • Doctor Turner is concerned by the spread of tuberculosis in the community, Jenny tries to repair a father and daughter's fractured relationship, and Sister Bernadette receives devastating news.
  • Jenny encounters racism firsthand when assigned a Jamaican patient, while Cynthia has to deal with a cantankerous man suffering from diabetes. Sister Bernadette avoids Doctor Turner, and a familiar face returns to Nonnatus House.
  • Sister Bernadette is discharged from hospital, while a heavily pregnant Chummy resumes her midwifery duties. Jenny meets a new love interest, Fred's pregnant daughter pays him a visit, and Nonnatus House itself is under threat.
  • Now dating surveyor Alec, Jenny joins the other midwives in their superior new base, along with latest recruit, Sister Winifred. Jenny is concerned for Merle and Billy, a young couple whose infant boys are permanently ill, causing them to doubt their parenting skills, whilst added is stress provided by the fact that Billy's brother died as a toddler. Surprisingly, Sister Monica Joan accidentally provides Dr. Turner with the solution to the children's complaints, thus saving them. Chummy, meanwhile, drums up support for the newly opened, but under-used ante-natal …
  • Jenny is promoted to Acting Sister at the clinic, much to the chagrin of the more experienced Trixie. Meanwhile, Cynthia is taken in by the theories of a visiting doctor, and a troubled, desperate woman seeks help.
  • Sister Julienne and Trixie attend to the female inmates at Holloway Prison, where they meet a troubled young woman. Meanwhile, Jenny deals with a vain patient, Shelagh receives horrendous news, and the girls celebrate Chummy's birthday.
  • Sister Winifred treats a young Jewish woman whose mother is plagued by remembrances of the Holocaust. Meanwhile, Shelagh tries to find a new way to channel her energy, and Alec suffers a terrible accident.
  • As Jenny takes compassionate leave after Alec's death and Sister Julienne collapses with exhaustion Shelagh returns to help out and efficient nurse Patsy Mount arrives. They start to plan for a party to mark the jubilee of Sister Evangelina taking holy orders but are interrupted by irate Mrs Harper, whose daughter Sally, a young woman with Downs Syndrome, is pregnant. The father, cerebral palsy sufferer Jacob, lives in the same residential home and they declare that they are in love and aim to marry but the baby is stillborn and Jacob is sent to another home. News of …
  • Patsy's brusque manner sees her taken off midwifery duties and reassigned to district nursing, where a patient reminds her of her past. Meanwhile, Trixie deals with a couple whose relationship has separated them from their families.
  • Jenny returns and is seconded to the London Hospital, where she meets a fretting mother-to-be. Meanwhile, Chummy's mother visits, a patient of Cynthia's becomes mentally ill, and Tom's nervousness leads to trouble with Trixie.
  • Chummy struggles to cope with her mother's terminal illness, with her experience affecting Sister Monica Joan greatly. Meanwhile, Shelagh and Patrick receive encouraging news, and Jenny makes an important decision.
  • Whilst Sister Evangelina has health problems she grudgingly comes to admire Barbara Gilbert, replacement for Cynthia, for her tireless work with a new mother. Tom proposes to Trixie whilst the other nurses are concerned for the Teemans, a family of young children living in squalor, whose mother appears to have abandoned them and who are being raised by ten-year old Gary. When Gary is arrested for shop-lifting the nurses swing into action.
  • With Sister Evangelina due for sick leave her replacement arrives - the older midwife Phyllis Crane, a no-nonsense vegetarian who soon crosses swords with the nun, Barbara being caught in the middle. However Phyllis displays a kindlier side when Barbara and Patsy attend a particularly difficult birth. A mystery benefactor offers a bequest to the convent - the dying Charles Newgarden, who dated Sister Julienne before she became a nun . She finds the meeting painful but the building is in need of repair and she cannot afford not to accept his offer or to relive their …
  • As dysentery sweeps through the area Trixie takes on her first official duty since her engagement to vicar Tom by organizing the Rose of Poplar contest whilst Phyllis is concerned for sickly Dolores McEvoy, who is living in a filthy hostel apart from her husband but is too ashamed to give the address. When Phyllis locates the hostel she also finds the source of the dysentery. Meanwhile young father-to-be Tony Amos is the victim of police entrapment when he goes cruising in a men's toilet. Dr Turner speaks up for him when he is taken to court but, although prison is …
  • When Sister Winifred visits unmarried mother-to-be Bridget she discovers that the girl is a prostitute living in a brothel and has syphilis. The sister is shocked to learn that the prostitutes do not use contraception as their clients are against it and tries in vain to educate them. However, once cured and her baby born, Bridget agrees to help her. Barbara encounters an expectant father desperate for a son to take over his business as his brothers all died in the war and requires Dr Turner's assistance when a daughter arrives. Meanwhile Trixie has doubts about her …
  • Now a nun, Sister Mary Cynthia, Cynthia Miller returns to work as a midwife and finds that Sister Julienne has a problem with Janice and Ray Prendergast, who are Christian Scientists and refuse to give their sick baby Raymond medicine. When Raymond suffers a fractured leg Dr Turner suspects abuse and calls in the NSPCC. However he is over-worked and tired from relieving a colleague and he may be wrong. When he gives in to sickness and self-doubt Shelagh steps in to help. Barbara befriends Ameera, a pregnant woman from Ceylon with no English, whose little boy …
  • Phyllis's patient, 17- year old diabetic Paulette Roland, shocks her protective mother Dulcie when she proves to be pregnant by local bad boy Vaughan Sellars. Dr Turner believes giving birth will put Paulette's life at risk and books her in for a legal termination but Paulette and Vaughan plan to marry and run off. However when Paulette sinks into a diabetic coma Vaughan does the right thing, impressing Dulcie and Phyllis. Sister Mary Cynthia befriends a group of gypsies, helping the middle-aged Attracta to deliver her baby whilst Fred steps out with shopkeeper Violet…
  • Sister Evangelina returns to work as old school friends Shirley and Marion come to the maternity ward. They both have daughters but when a fire breaks out, in the confusion, Sister Evangelina gives them the wrong babies. When Marion's baby is seen to have a heart murmur the parents have to be told the truth but Marion's reaction is surprising. Barbara attends Fred's elderly cousin Tommy Mills, who is bed-ridden but when Tommy's wife Gert is diagnosed with cancer she refuses to leave him for a hospital operation. Barbara and Sister Mary Cynthia rise to the occasion to …
  • Prisoner's wife Maureen Gadsby is suffering from a severe form of morning sickness, prompting Dr turner to recommend a new wonder drug - thalidomide. Sister Mary Cynthia sees to deaf June Dillen, who is concerned she will be unable to communicate with her baby, as well as helping the depressed Trixie come to terms with her heavy drinking. Patsy and Delia move into a flat together but fate intervenes whilst Fred's sharp-tongued daughter Marlene attempts to wreck his engagement to Violet. Fortunately Chummy intervenes and ensures that the marriage goes ahead.
  • As Christmas approaches, an outbreak of measles hits Poplar. Meanwhile, Tom receives an intriguing offer from the BBC, a face from Patsy's past returns, and Sister Monica Joan goes missing.
  • Patsy and Shelagh are shocked when experienced mother Rhoda Mullocks gives birth to a baby girl with severely malformed arms - the result, though nobody realizes - of Rhoda taking the pain killer thalidomide and Dr Turner is baffled. Rhoda's husband Bernie rejects the child as a monster, putting him at odds with his wife who wants to keep her, and Sister Mary Cynthia has to work hard to make him change his view. Meanwhile Trixie starts a keep fit class, where she discovers a problem encountered by elderly student Olive and Patsy is overjoyed when Delia comes to stay …
  • Barbara is put to the test when a struggling dockworker's wife is forced into a difficult decision about her impending delivery.
  • Having delivered Jeanette Su's daughter Patsy realizes that Jeanette has typhoid, unlocking old memories of her time in a Japanese internment camp. As the disease claims another victim Jeanette's Chinese husband Benny seems the most likely suspect but Dr Turner discovers the carrier to be an unlikely source. Meanwhile popular primary school teacher Dorothy Whitmore loses her job and flat after falling pregnant by a married man and needs to be found accommodation by the nuns. Dorothy's attempts to rectify matters almost cost her her life and require the kindly …
  • Trixie visits burns victim Sadie Bulmer, whose teen-aged son Ian has gained a university place and wants to use it to better life for himself and childhood sweetheart Linda. However Linda falls pregnant, jeopardizing his opportunity and Ian agrees to stay with her. Then Fate steps in. Sister Julienne's patient Ruby Cottingham's difficult pregnancy means hospital admission. But Ruby has been taking thalidomide as a pain-killer and the birth is a far from happy event, requiring a deception on the sister's part and puzzling Dr Turner as more deformed babies are born. On …
  • Phyllis is concerned for Roseanne Dawley, who delivered her baby daughter herself but is now a nervous and unconfident mother, ultimately leaving her older husband Denis literally holding the baby as she disappears. In ratifying the situation Phyllis discovers that Roseanne has a less than innocent past and is frightened her daughter will take after her. Meanwhile Dr Turner, alarmed at the high incidences of lung disease in the area, opens a specialist clinic, unaware of the link between cancer and smoking and Fred has trouble coping when he has to run his wife's shop…
  • Barbara and Tom go to the aid of a prostitute, who has been bitten by her assailant - the first of a series of similar vicious attacks on women. The culprit is caught, largely due to information from his latest victim - one of the midwives whose experience causes a crisis of faith. Middle-aged Thora Hills tells the nurses she is expecting another child but is secretly covering for pregnant unmarried daughter Diane, abandoned by her baby's father. Trixie and Sister Mary Cynthia have to act quickly to avoid disaster when Thora attempts a home birth to maintain the …
  • Dr Turner is excited to be administering the contraceptive pill, which he hopes will prevent unwanted pregnancies, though Sister Julienne has moral misgivings. One couple who would have benefited by it are Gina and Leslie, who only married because she was pregnant with Leslie showing little interest in upcoming fatherhood. Bargee's wife Daisy Blacker, whose itinerant life-style has denied her children schooling, is reluctant to leave her barge and brood to have her latest but her commitment to her children and Leslie's to his wife are tested during a violent storm …
  • Horrified to read in ‘The Lancet’ that thalidomide is being withdrawn because of its devastating effect Dr Turner needs the nurses' help in identifying the patients to whom he prescribed it and warning them. However he is also called out to an emergency at the convent, which leaves the midwives in despair and the whole area in mourning. The passing does at least provide a positive for a hastily arranged wedding, whose celebrations require a call for the midwife.
  • As Christmas approaches, an outbreak of measles hits Poplar. Meanwhile, Tom receives an intriguing offer from the BBC, a face from Patsy's past returns, and Sister Monica Joan goes missing.
  • As the Big Freeze of 1963 continues, Nonnatus House welcomes their newest midwife.
  • Lucille is on duty when Valerie's family friend Marjory goes into labour.

    Marjory's mother Mae is sceptical about Lucille's ability, but is proved wrong when she competently delivers the baby. However, when Marjory's health takes an unexpected turn for the worse, Mae's prejudice and racism causes her to blame Lucille. The team must rally to protect their newest recruit and restore Lucille's confidence in their community.

    Sister Winifred makes a case for fathers to be more involved in their wives' pregnancies but finds the men of Poplar may need more persuading. Trixie invites Christopher to eat a home-cooked dinner, but the meal doesn't quite go as planned. And Shelagh gets a little more than she bargained for when their glamorous Hungarian Au Pair arrives.
  • A pregnant mother hears a devastating diagnosis. Fred and Violet organise a beauty contest. Trixie and Christopher's relationship feels the strain.
  • Sister Julienne is drawn into the heart of a different culture when she is called upon to help a Pakistani family. Having come to terms with her own childlessness, Mumtaz Gani is heartbroken when her husband Saddiq brings home a second wife who is eight months pregnant. Sister Julienne must help Mumtaz come to terms with this new addition to her family.
  • Lucille must win the trust of a mother who is terrified of giving birth. Nurse Crane and Dr Turner are anxious to find a possible smallpox sufferer.
  • Barbara gets involved with a recently widowed pregnant woman, and Sister Monica Joan has her cataract surgery.
  • Dr Turner gets involved with a troubled young man, and Lucille makes new friends. Meanwhile, Barbara lies ill in hospital.
  • The team must rally to prepare for Sister Monica Joan's birthday. Meanwhile, the closing of a nearby maternity home brings an influx of expectant mothers to the Nonnatus midwives.
  • As spring arrives, Nonnatus House welcomes two new nuns, the experienced Sister Hilda and newly qualified Sister Frances, who must acclimatise to the changing East End. A complicated multiple birth tests the skills of some of the midwives to the limit, but Trixie has to face her fears and Valerie deals with a shocking case that arrives unexpectedly.
  • Lucille helps elderly hoarder Clarice Millgrove who is struggling to keep her independence; Sister Hilda and the team work hard to help a Ghanaian family with an undiagnosed illness; Violet puts herself forward in the upcoming elections.
  • Valerie helps a mother of five come to terms with her latest child's birth defect. The Turners oversee a measles vaccination trial at the clinic, but are concerned by an overly anxious first-time mother. They soon discover she is concealing a devastating loss, which could have serious repercussions. Nurse Crane decides to bring a taste of the seaside to Poplar for the Whitsun bank holiday, and Violet's political career goes from strength to strength as she wins the seat on the council for Poplar North.
  • Sister Julienne is drawn into a conflict between an estranged mother and daughter, both of whom are pregnant. Nurse Crane visits a photographic gallery in Soho with Sgt Woolf, but the trip does not go to plan, and Sister Frances' shyness causes concern. Trixie's keep fit class is chosen to host a special event, but her star pupil is devastated to learn that she is pregnant.
  • Poplar welcomes a brand new cervical cancer-screening clinic to the Institute and Dr Turner, Shelagh and Trixie are pleased to be part of the exciting new venture.
  • Mother Mildred returns to Nonnatus while Nurse Crane is in hospital receiving treatment for her back. With help from Trixie, she provides care for a retired dock worker whose former job has taken its toll on his health, only to discover his son may be suffering from a more severe condition. However, her insensitive manner angers the family and they refuse to let her help them.
  • Mother Mildred decides it’s time for Sister Frances to attend her first solo birth. Trixie consoles a patient who discovers she has gonorrhea.
  • Sister Hilda digs deep to give her terminally-ill patient her final wish whilst the Turners must prepare to say goodbye to May. Fred and Reggie are keeping secrets from each other.
  • Dr Turner and Nurse Crane must deal with an alarming outbreak of diphtheria. Fred finds an abandoned baby in a dustbin, and the team must help locate its mother.
  • Sister Julienne cares for a pregnant prostitute, while Dr Turner puzzles over a mysterious string of symptoms.
  • Lucille is seconded to St Cuthbert's when a ward sister is off sick, but a lift malfunction sees her spend the evening with mother-to- be Connie instead of her planned rendezvous with Cyril.
  • Sister Julienne volunteers to put up four trainee doctors at Nonnatus House while they undertake the practical aspect of their obstetrics diploma, hoping the exercise will remind the council how vital the home is to the community and help remove the threat of demolition.
  • Sister Frances is at a loss when she cares for diabetic and recovering cancer patient Albert Calthorpe whose fiercely independent wife Grace refuses to accept further help, despite caring for her husband, her elderly mother and her pregnant daughter.
  • At the Turners, Shelagh receives a phone call from the Hong Kong adoption agency, which has the alarming news that someone from May's past has arrived in the UK and wants to see the little girl.
  • Trixie helps a blind mother, Marion, care for her new baby, but trouble starts when Marion’s sister calls Social Services to intervene.
  • Sister Julienne decides it is time to take matters in hand when a letter arrives from the council saying that it will cut funding to Nonnatus House and no longer pay for the accommodation, and goes to see Violet at one of her open sessions as a local councillor.

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