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Inside Amy Schumer

Inside Amy Schumer
  • 评价: 7.10
  • 出版年: 2013
  • 流派: Comedy
  • 国家: United States
  • 时长: 22 分钟

Amy Schumer switches from sketches, doing stand up, to interviewing people on the street and people of interest usually following a certain theme.

  • Amy regrets having a one night stand, getting on a plane, and auditioning for “2 Girls 1 Cup”.
  • Amy tries to figure out sexting, visits a testicle-themed restaurant, and interviews a stripper.
  • Amy quits her job as a porn star, refuses to accept a compliment, and finds out her boyfriend has AIDS.
  • Amy gets a terrible haircut, farts when she gets scared, and makes out with Amber Tamblyn.
  • Amy hosts her own gang bang, gives her friend a vibrator, and uses cancer as an excuse to cancel plans.
  • Amy tries to maintain her makeover; cooking meth; Amy gets the food slapped out of her mouth.
  • Amy has multiple personalities, loses it on her boyfriend, and gets molested.
  • Amy catches her boyfriend cheating, fights an addiction, and roasts a 12-year-old.
  • Amy lies to get out of a charity event, wears a catsuit, and conjures Dave Attell.
  • Amy wakes up in bed with 2 guys, tries to discover the perfect sex tip, and competes on a reality show.

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