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The Royals

The Royals
  • 评价: 7.40
  • 出版年: 2015
  • 流派: Drama
  • 国家: United States
  • 时长: 42 分钟

Drama about a fictional British Royal family set in modern day London, who inhabit a world of opulence…

  • After the sudden death of their older brother and heir to the throne, Prince Liam and a Princess Eleanor have a hard time with their new roles; Queen Helena tries to maintain the family's image; King Simon questions the monarchy's future.
  • Despite the King's reservations, Queen Helena goes ahead with a planned garden party to honor the country's soldiers. Prince Liam's past love clashes with his new affection and Princess Eleanor continues to be the rebel in the family.
  • The Queen and Princess Eleanor throw competing fashion shows; Prince Liam narrowly avoids disaster.
  • Prince Liam does his first PR tour; Queen Helena forces Princess Eleanor to do a PR tour of London.
  • Prince Liam, Princess Eleanor and Queen Helena's romances are a popular topic at a masquerade ball.
  • A trip to Monaco helps Prince Liam and Ophelia's relationship blossom.
  • The king makes a decision that affects the family; Ophelia's PR tour issues.
  • The Royal Family is put on lockdown in a safe room at the palace after an assassination attempt.
  • Prince Robert is visited by someone from his past; Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor's demons.
  • Each character faces truth in the season finale. You find out what really happened to Prince Robert and by the end of the episode someone else will join him. Ophelia and Liam make a decision regarding their relationship and their future together. The Queen and Prince Cyrus grow distrustful towards each other which grows more evident in this episode. A lot of heartbreaking moments. Throughout the episode a lot of questions are answered as many more door are opened.
  • The royal family returns with a fresh perspective and Liam seeks solace in disreputable places.
  • Helena plans to secure proof. Liam begins a new but complicated relationship. Jasper and Eleanor look to the past to inspire their future.
  • Helena gets hooked on a reality television program. The paternity of Liam and Eleanor is revealed.
  • Jasper and Eleanor immerse themselves in their relationship while Liam must reappraise his latest tryst, King Cyrus' past pays him a visit and the palace arranges a press conference to announce earth shattering news.
  • On the eve of a very public appearance, the family's private turmoil threatens to go public. Beck returns to the palace with his sights set on Eleanor, and a confrontation with Jasper ensues.
  • Christmas comes to the palace. Liam impulsively releases the staff, forcing the family to fend for themselves. A sexual dalliance for Helena has unexpected consequences.
  • The royals prepare for the People's Gala, where each member of the family is auctioned off for charity. Cyrus initiates a plan to retain his crown. Liam and Robert square off in a charity boxing match.
  • Jasper tries to strike a bargain to protect his past and secure his future. Helena slips away for a romantic trip to Paris. Eleanor participates in a nearly naked tiger run. Liam and Willow try to navigate emotional waters.
  • Eleanor and Queen Helena consider romantic invitations. A Privy Council meets to determine who will reign as the one true King Of England. Jasper reveals to Liam information that presents a new mystery for the monarchy.
  • Liam finds himself in unexpected places, Helena's heart breaks over a recent loss and Jasper makes a final play for Eleanor's heart. Historic changes assure that nothing will ever be the same.

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